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Hello and Welcome!

I'm Anar Musayev, a passionate creator at the intersection of technology and design. Over the years, I've refined my craft in web and graphic design, transitioning through various technologies and embracing the evolution of digital aesthetics.

My portfolio is a canvas of projects ranging from sleek web interfaces to comprehensive user experience systems.

Explore, enjoy, and let’s collaborate to shape the future of digital landscapes together!

From Concept to Reality

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What I Do Best

ux wireframe ux wireframe ux wireframe

UX and Product Design

Transforming ideas into intuitive solutions that stand out. As a product owner myself, I understand the importance of effective design in creating memorable user experiences.

Web Design Web Design Web Design Web Design Web Design

Web Design and Development

I specialize in designing custom web solutions, from high-converting landing pages to comprehensive web apps and portals, tailored to your specific needs. My robust CMS supports easy updates and scalability, ensuring your site evolves with your business. Whether you need a sleek, static website or a dynamic site with complex functionalities.

Mobile Design Mobile Design Mobile Design Mobile Design

Streamlined Mobile App Design

I create mobile solutions tailored to your needs, blending the latest design trends with technical know-how for apps that are not only robust and scalable but also a joy to use. Each project is designed to boost your digital presence and mesh well with your business goals, ensuring a smooth experience across all devices.

And More....

I specialize in dynamic branding and corporate identities that resonate with your audience. By creating stunning illustrations, timeline animations, and essential digital documents, I have all your digital content needs covered.

How I do

UX/UI Design

I have a passion for user experience and design. I understand the importance of effective design in creating memorable user experiences.

UX Research

UX Research

Digging into what users really want to make sure every design hits the mark.

Wireframing & Prototyping

Wireframing & Prototyping

Sketching and testing the blueprints of your app to get everything just right.

User Flow

User Flow

Mapping out smooth journeys so users can breeze through with zero fuss.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Keeping things tidy and logical, so users find what they need without the headache.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Putting designs through their paces with real users to make sure they’re not just good, but great.

Crafting Design

I've been playing around with Adobe tools for over ten years, creating everything from sleek designs in Illustrator and Photoshop to interactive projects in Figma where team feedback brings ideas to life.

When it’s time to go offline, I switch gears to InDesign to whip up eye-catching print materials and polished PDFs.

And for those times a website needs a dash of dazzle? I dive into Premiere, After Effects and Adobe Animate to cook up some cool animations that make every pixel pop. My toolbox is always open, ready to tackle any creative challenge with a splash of fun!

Tech Stack

My tech stack blends front-end, mobile, and back-end technologies to create customized, high-performing web solutions. In addition to custom HTML and CSS, I employ modern JavaScript and CSS frameworks to craft dynamic, responsive interfaces.

For mobile apps, I utilize React Native and Expo, integrating Firebase for essential backend services.

On the back end, PHP with the Laravel and Symfony frameworks supports robust, scalable architectures, complemented by MySQL or MariaDB for data management, and NGINX or Apache for dependable hosting. This comprehensive suite of technologies ensures each project is visually striking, functionally rich, and perfectly optimized for user needs.

Effective Collaboration and Communication

Being fluent in Russian, Turkish, Azerbaijani, and professional-level English, I manage projects with multilingual remote teams comfortably, ensuring clear and effective communication across design and development team. This approach helps each project not only meet its goals but also integrate innovative solutions seamlessly.

British Council CEFR C1 certificate

I am committed to facilitating clear communication with stakeholders at all levels. By utilizing Design and Collaboration tools, Code Review and Collaboration Platforms, and Version Control Systems, I help maintain smooth collaboration with developers. In team sessions, I leverage tools like Miro and Jira to ensure everyone's ideas are aligned and that we are all progressing together productively.